P3ductal is P3 system for the construction and laying of pre-insulated aluminium ducts for air distribution. P3ductal system is not based on pre-insulated aluminium panels only, but it also consists of accessories, machineries, tools and know-how necessary for the construction and installation in a masterly fashion. 

1. Panels: sandwich panels made of an insulating component in rigid foamed polyurethane coated on both sides with aluminium sheets for the construction of air distribution ducts.
2. Accessories: flange, section bar and accessories for duct joining and installation.
3. Equipment: automatic machinery and manual working tools studied to realize in a simple and professional way, both in a completely equipped work shop and dircetly at the job site, all manufacturing and installation operation required by P3ductal ducts.
4. Know-how: technical and commercial support for consultants and contractors.